The iPhone 8 Plus marks the end of a design tradition that Apple has upheld since when the iPhone was launched in 2007. Many people feel Apple could have given the phone some time to sell before releasing the iPhone X, something that has driven a perception that this is the iPhone that nobody wants as many people put their focus on the all new and better-designed iPhone X. But was this really a good justification to wish the model away? There are still many valid reasons you should consider getting one, and most of these are covered in this review. 

The design of the iPhone 8 Plus is nothing exciting as this is a look many of you have seen in previous models. The phone features glass on its rear and has bezels on the chin and forehead, which makes it feel more like an outdated model since the release of the iPhone X. The iPhone 8 Plus is taller than the entry model and has a bigger screen and a better battery capacity. Like the iPhone 7, the phone does not have a headphone jack. However, you will love the wireless charging feature that functions perfectly, and its camera is awesome especially on portrait mode. 

True Tone Display, Good Speakers
You might not easily discover the difference between the display of the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus. The Phone features a 5.5-inch LCD display that gets a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels with a density of 401 pixels per inch. This means it can get amazingly bright to allow you easy viewing while in direct sunlight. 

The new True Tone technology is an item of luxury that will help to enhance your user experience. This technology was plucked from the iPad Pro and what it does is that it changes the display of the phone automatically with changes in ambient lighting conditions, something that makes colours to be consistent across different environments. For example, when you enter into a room with incandescent lighting and a yellow hue, the screen will adjust to a warm tone. 

Something else that has improved on the iPhone 8 Plus compared to previous models is the speakers, which are decently louder, up to about 25 percent more, and on top of this they sound richer. These improvements look minor, but they make your user experience a lot more fulfilling. 

You might want to also know something about the software running the iPhone 8 Plus. It runs the iOS 11 system. The new system came with a few changes that help to streamline user experience and also grant more customization preferences. On the control centre, you can you are able to swipe up from bottom, and the beauty of it is that it allows you to make tweaks to include the things you would like to see there. 

You will also enjoy the new photo and video format, High Efficiency Image Format – HEIF, and the High Efficiency Video Coding – HEVC. With these formats you can achieve better quality at a smaller size. Apple included a compression algorithm for this to ensure you don’t consume a lot of space when taking many photos and videos. 

Many people would not buy a phone until they get its camera performance specs. The iPhone 8 Plus inherits the camera qualities of iPhone 7 Plus, but comes with a lot more features. It comes with dual 12-megapixel cameras, a wide-angle lens option that works with optical image stabilization, and a second option that features a telephoto lens of an aperture of f/2.8. 

Wireless charging and battery
Apple added a Qi coil to the iPhone 8 Plus, so the phone uses a wireless charging mechanism. This eliminates the need to plug cables directly to the phone, and the fact that it uses a Qi coil means you can use different charging pads. It also has fast charging, which means you could charge the battery to 100% in about an hour.

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